Own Your Entire Lead Gen Process.
4X Your Real Estate Biz.

Wave sleazy sales tactics goodbye. Meet the 4X Formula Quick Commission Blueprint — a simple 4-step process to attract warm, qualified leads without:
  •   cold calling strangers
  •   knocking on doors
  •  becoming a social media expert
  •  paying for leads (that aren’t really leads)

Kelly is one of very few REALTORS® who is willing to share his success secrets to help agents who either want to start off their career on a solid footing or to take it to the next level.

Rob Hoffman,
Manager/REALTOR®, eXp Realty

The Focus & Direction You Need to Attract Warm
Leads, Get More Listings & Close More Sales

Stop throwing things on the wall to see what sticks. Follow the 4X Formula and find the direction you need to get leads now + the roadmap to a six-figure income in the next 12 months.

These savvy folks already had a taste of what my advice can do to their businesses.
What’s uncommon about Kelly is his ability to present ideas in a new way that lets new REALTORS® fast forward and avoid YEARS of mistakes. I’ve personally used his method of changing “commission” to “compensation and have seen clients change their attitude instantly.
Neb Yidegiligne, Real Estate Agent, Eximus Real Estate Team
I’ve signed up for your 4X Course and I find it well worthwhile: it’s a humanized approach to real estate which is really resonating well with me.
Brad Meadus, Barrie Toronto
Kelly has a wealth of real estate coaching information and is so willing to share. He has a great way of helping agents increase productivity and focus on the things that matter.
Matt Kuchar
Owner at Showami, Employing Broker at Protege Real Estate

A Delightfully Fresh Approach to
Growing Your Real Estate Business

Lead generation tactics and selling strategies for
serious agents…
(… who are sick of sending postcards to 1000s of strangers, memorizing pushy sales scripts, making hundreds of calls every day, knocking on doors & disrupting people’s daily lives)
Quick Commission Blueprint
The game plan to launch your
career (free)
You’re new and overwhelmed with fickle or non-existent leads. Something has to change

Discover the four most important steps you have to take first before you can see remarkable results from your lead generation activities.
Expired/FSBO Listings
No-pressure Scripts for Expired and FSBO Listings (free)
New agents usually deal with a lot of expired listings

Be the expired listings hero. Outperform every other agent competing for the same business with these no-pressure high-converting sales scripts. Learn how to be a valuable resource to FSBOs and get them to call you when listing their home.
Membership Program
The Quick Commission Accelerator
For agents with 0-2 years’ experience: Fast track your success

Keep your sales pipeline full — without cold-calling, door-knocking or paying for leads. Tried and tested for you.

Hi. I’m Kelly Johnston.

I give real estate agents a fighting chance to survive (& thrive) in their first couple of years in the industry using the 4X Formula: a proven system that gets you from nothing to a dream business that makes six figures a year (without all the stereotypical sleazy sales tactics your sphere of influence thinks REALTORS® do).

Here’s what I believe:
  • First, the average real estate agent income of $46K/year is a tragedy
  • Second, netting less than 50% of what you earn is another tragedy
  • Third, feeling you have to work 60+ hours per week to earn a living is an absolute tragedy
I’m on a mission to change this and show realtors there’s a better way to build a real estate business.

I’ve never missed a commission cheque in 18 years — you can do it, too.

Membership Program

Crystal-Clear Advice and Sure-Fire Direction for
Running Your Real Estate Business

Ditch boiler room mentality. Be the real estate agent that clients love to talk to. Find out how on the 4x Formula YouTube Channel
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Launch your real estate business in next 90 days — the exact steps
Great video Kelly. It’s so true though. There are so many better ways to generate business than those “C”level activities. –
Travis J.Taylor
I love how honest you are and the focus you put on service. –
Nyah Petrovitch
Tons of great ideas here Kelly. Totally agree with everything you suggested. Super happy this got recommended to me. I look forward to more.” -Calvin Gray

Listen to Valuable Insights, Ideas, and Interviews...

... and Build Your DREAM REAL ESTATE Business!

Dream Real Estate Business / drém ré(-9)! i- stat biz-nes / noun, work less than 40 hours/week. No high-pressure selling tactics. No big marketing or branding budget. Just full business control. Six-figure income. And the life and business you deserve.
How do successful real estate agents enjoy a constant stream of leads — while enjoying life — and without wasting big budgets on branding, working crazy hours or worrying about where the next deal is coming from? The 4X Formula Podcast reveals all.

The whole reason I got into this industry was that I was tired of hearing about people's crappy experience with REALTORS®. I decided I wanted to make a difference. Stumbled across this podcast and it just spoke to me.

You Know What's Better Than a Real Estate Business You Have Full Control of?

Build a low-stress, highly sustainable and profitable real estate business with a proven formula and take the guesswork out of it. We teach you everything you need to know and you get to enjoy all the bonuses that come with membership.
Struggling with lead generation Getting leads, listings & buyers
Barely making ends meet. Regular monthly commissions
Forced to do high-pressure sales tactics. Closing deals by creating value
No focus or control of the business Knowing the exact steps to building your dream business
Working 60+ hours/week Working less than 40 hours/week
Using sleazy sales scripts Talking to clients with compassion and respect
Relying on a team to feed you leads Owning your leads & controlling your success

The 4X Formula Quick Commission Accelerator

for real estate agents with O-2 years experience
Make consistent leads & regular monthly commissions a reality this year (without cold calling, pushy sales scripts or paying for leads)
You’ve been working hard, but you’re still not getting results — it’s not you.
You just need a proven and repeatable system that shows you the exact steps to take to get you to a six-figure business. You’ll find this at the Quick Commission Accelerator Program.
Based on a system that powers a multiple six-figure real estate agency (& proven to work just as well with a 1-person “team”)
Kelly has a wealth of real estate coaching information and is so willing to share. He has a great way of helping agents increase productivity and focus on the things matter.
Matt Kuchar
Owner at Showami
Employing Broker at Protege Real
If you need advice from a REALTOR® with a background of success and great ethics, reach out to Kelly Johnston. He’s incredibly easy to talk to, but don’t let his easy-going demeanor fool you, this guy is a complete pro at what he does!
Rob Hoffman
eXp Realty
Eximus Real Estate Team