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Stop Worrying About Where Your Next Real Estate Lead Will Come From...

… with this ridiculously easy strategy even beginners with zero connections can pull off
Ditch the embarrassing sales tactics that make REALTORS® look desperate.

Discover the non-sleazy way to get real estate leads — even if you’re a total stranger in a new city without any contacts, friends or neighborhood know-how.
  • FREE 25-page Quick Commission Blueprint with step-by-step instructions to getting warm leads now
  • Ethical selling strategy for agents tired of pushy sales tactics
  • East set up. Big marketing budget not needed
Kelly is one of very REALTORS® who is willing to share his success secrets to help REALTORS® who either want to start off their career on a solid footing or to take it to the next level.
Rob Hoffman,
Manager/REALTOR®, eXp Realty
Whats’s uncommon about Kelly is his ability to present ideas in a new way that lets new REALTORS® fast forward and avoid YEARS of mistakes.
Neb Yidegiligne
Real Estate Agent, Eximus Real Estate
— Why Should you care? —

The Missing Piece That
Nips Lead Generation Anxiety in the Bud

This short but powerful ebook reveals the process to building a stable and profitable real estate business — even in your first year as an agent.

Find out:
  • Why following common advice to generating leads does more harm than good.
  • The four crucially important activities a new agent must do to become a lead magnet. (Do this and you’ll never have to worry about lead generation again)
  • Where new real estate agents should invest their energy, money and time (EMT) for the best chance of success (and no it’s not working for a team, getting a mentor or social media)
  • How to get referrals for FREE even if you’re fresh off the boat and have very little sphere of influence (and all for the price of the lunch you ate today)
  • Exactly where to direct your focus to become the go-to real estate agent in your “hunting ground”
  • The surprising psychological hack to making opportunities to come to you (this also makes you stand out from other real estate agents)
  • How to work only with agreeable clients (and still get commission cheques every month)
It’s a short guide. And it’s ALL you need to build a strong foundation and propel your new real estate biz to success.
— Why should you listen to me? —

I’m Kelly Johnston.

20+ years in the real estate business. Over 2000 transactions closed. $2 billion+ in houses sold. Multiple Sutton Group Top Producer Diamond Awards
I give real estate agents a fighting chance to survive(& thrive) in their first couple of years in the industry using the 4X Formula: a proven system to build your dream business.

I’ve been running workshops for new real estate agents since 2011 teaching them how to make a minimum of $100k in their first year.

The strategy you find in this ebook is exactly what kick-started my business (and allowed me to thrive even during economic downturns).

I’m on a mission to elevate the reputation and status of real estate agents. This means no pushy sales tactics — only genuine relationships based on mutual respect.

Follow the 4-step process in this blueprint and watch all the pieces come together.

It’s Time to Drop Ineffective, Dignity-Crushing Lead Generation Activities

Stack the odds in your favor. Get the proven
blueprint for real estate agent success that:
  •   Opens the floodgates to warm leads & referrals
  •   Stops your reliance on a mentor or agency for lead generation
  •   Gives you full control over your career
  • Kelly has veteran knowledge of real estate, yet the work of ehtic of a 25-year-old on steroids. Maybe that is why Kelly has NOT missed a month without any closings for over 25 years!

    Kelly has a great way of helping agents increase productivity and focus on the things that matter.

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