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4XF 11: Self Doubt VS Why Not Me?

Hey everybody! Kelly Johnson here from the 4X Formula. Thanks for joining me again! I’m so happy you’re here! Today we’re going to talk about self doubt versus “why not me”. You need to have a why not me attitude. I kind of grew up with a why not me kind of attitude. I think most of us do. How many of you wanted to be a famous soccer player, football player, baseball player or a famous dancer or whatever. Most of us at some point in our early, early parts of our lives actually had that belief. I truly believe I was going to be playing soccer for a living when I was 11 years old. What killed that dream? Who knows?

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson, founder of the 4X formula and the big question is this: How are real estate agents like us able to create a constant stream of commissions and a constant stream of leads while enjoying life without wasting big budgets on branding, without working crazy hours, without worrying where the next deal’s coming from in today’s real estate market. This podcast is here to reveal the answers.

Now as an adult, I have to say that I still got that little spark in me still. Actually, I wouldn’t even be doing this, this podcasting, putting this course together and all that kind of stuff. But I will admit that I’ve been fighting self doubt and insecurities and I kind of go through this stuff in my brain and it does enter in. It’s that evil little monster of self doubt, right? It comes at you in those moments, in those kind of weaker moments that we have as we’re going through stuff.

We all go through it. I don’t care who you are. We all go through it and questions start popping in. Will this be valuable enough? You know, will this affect people positively when people put it into practice? Will people be more focused on the fact that I’m not a trained perfect speaker and that I don’t sound all polished and perfectly scripted. Is that going to bother people? I think about this stuff, but then I also think, “I don’t want to listen to a perfectly scripted guy. I don’t want to sound like someone’s manipulating me. I want somebody that’s real.” So I’m like, “Okay, you know what? if I want that, then there’s gotta be people like me that would want that. And I’m hoping I’m providing that.”

So anyway… All the stuff that goes on in your brain, right? But not only that, here’s another reason that I could have a lot of self doubt it. I’ve screwed up so many times. I’ve lost money so many times. I’ve made so many mistakes and I just think about that all the time. And I go, “Am I qualified? Will people not see that this is why I’m able to help them? Or will they focus on the mistakes and the weaknesses? Will they focus on those types of things instead.” Like, it’s just so hard to stay the course with all these voices swirling around in your brain. Do you agree with me on that?

You know, guess what? Here’s what need to kind of understand within yourself. It’s lies. They’re all lies. Lies we tell ourselves, it helps us justify where we’re at right now, right? Whatever’s been going on in the past, honestly has got you here today. Okay? So whatever’s happened in the past, whatever that makeup of events and relationships that you’ve run into and failings and screw ups and fall downs and successes and wins and the compliments and the great things, all of that stuff! Something your parents said to you when you’re four years old. The well meaning of loved ones that say things like, “Oh, real estate.. Yikes… Uh, Gosh, uh, wow… Um, I hope that works out for you. You know, uh, I know some people that, uh, you know, I know a lady that got into that and boy it didn’t work out for her. She…” You know?

These are things! These are well meaning people that love and care about you and they’re going to say stuff like. Guys, it has nothing to do with you and your success and your ability. The real estate business is so amazing. For the money that it takes to get involved, to actually become successful and to take a course like the 4X Formula and the money that is, compared to what people pay in universities. To get degrees in things. They pay hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay for living and food and they get out three, four, five, six, seven, nine years later to go out and make these incomes. And we can make that income!

We can make that income first year! We can make that income! We can double it the second year. There’s no ceiling on our head. We’re not reliant upon outside forces. It’s amazing the real estate business and to be a realtor! These things, these past things, whatever it is, that’s kind of your university, right, that got you to this point for now. And then hopefully if you choose to get involved with the 4X Formula, shameless plug, if you choose to get involved with that, it’s going to help you! It’s going to get you to the next level. It’s going to be your university for this business and man, for a fraction of the cost. 1%, not even, of the costs and the bang for buck on that is absolutely amazing what you can make. I know it because I’ve done it, I’ve helped people do it. It’s absolute.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t be a victim to whatever was going on in the past. Find a lesson in all of it. Don’t let those things hinder you. Find a lesson in all of it. In the successes too! Find lessons in that. Why did you succeed? What worked? What worked really well? Don’t get caught in the rut of it. Just understand it and find the strength in all of that. Even in the failings and even in the times that there was problems or maybe even a pattern. We all do that. Like we get into these certain patterns and we can kind of recycle those patterns and notice those things like look back and go, “Am I getting into that pattern again? Am I doing that thing I always do? Am I falling into that pattern again?” Interrupt it. That’s how you grow.

It’s painful sometimes and it’s hard to look at it sometimes and sometimes looking inwardly at some of the things we need to fix or whatever, can be ugly! And we ignored it. We choose not to look at it. A lot of times. We all do this guys. We all do this. But just recognize it.

You can choose to be a victim of circumstance or you can take control and become transformed into your best self along the journey. It’s a simple decision. Only you can make that decision, but it actually is simple, but it all starts with that decision. What kept me going, that I know, whenever I have a one on one meeting with a struggling real estate person and I sit down with them and I spent an hour with them, they get inspired. I can see in their eyes, I can see the light bulb going on in their head. I can see the fire sparking inside them and they start to have this belief. And then what happens is I get busy, I get involved in whatever I gotta do.

I’m still doing real estate. So I got to kind of support my family and build that business up and we take trips and like I’m living my life. I don’t have time to go one on one with everybody and just nurture them along and cuddle them along the whole time. I don’t have time for that. I wish I did. I really wish I did, but I don’t right now. There’ll be a day where I will be able to, but right now I’m not. I want to just keep doing this thing.

So this 4X Formula, the way I’m building it, is that it’ll be all building blocks, building blocks, building blocks, building blocks with things to do along the way. And I am creating this course to literally be like I’m walking alongside you. Because you can go back into some of those little videos that talk about certain things and then you can kind of revisit that and kind of get maybe reinspired. And then you get involved in the community. I’m going to be sending little inspiration things, keep you going and I hope that helps you. This podcast is another way of doing that.

So, you know, just plug in and let’s fill your mind with that. I’m hoping that through these mediums that I’ve now discovered, they are so amazing, that we can do this for you. I’m not able to focus with these people the way I would really like to. So I know it when they start to fizzle and then I get over there and I got to pump them up again. I wish so much that I had the time to help more people, but I don’t. I have my own business family to focus on, simply can’t do it. It pains me to think that there’s people that I could help, but I’m not able to commit the time to them properly. I mean properly!

Each step is so important. It has to be done right or it’s not worth doing it all. I can’t just tell someone some magical words to say, right? It’s not responsible to do that. Scripts are fine, but what’s the mindset in behind the scripts? How do you tune in to the problem that you’re trying to solve for someone? How do you do that? Can I teach that to everyone?

How do you prepare properly for your listing meeting? How do you leverage every bit of business that comes to you? To 4X your business? These are important questions. I can’t teach this to someone in an hour. I can’t do it. But it can be done like in this course, right? When I discovered that there’s a way to deliver this information in a way that was personal, “Man, I can focus on the details. I could get detailed oriented in the training, I could get into the nitty gritty stuff, I can talk about it and just be myself.” But I’m hoping within that, that people are going to get a little light bulb and “Ahah! things.”

Some of the stuff, you’re not going to relate to. Some of this stuff you’re going to “I would never talk to somebody like that. I would never…” But whatever. Take the mindset stuff and the tools in that and then make it work for you!

This is the thing. Then I thought, “Okay, well I can train more people. So let’s start creating a program.” And this is where the whole idea of club 100 started. My whole idea between club 100, which is the name of our company, the training program is called the 4X Formula, but the club 100 is actually the genesis to everything. And the club 100 thing had to do with making a hundred grand a year. So “Get in the club, be the hundred grand club” kind of thing and let’s help you get there. Because a hundred grand…. I knew if people made a hundred grand, they can make 200 grand or they can make 150, they can make more. But the basis, the bottom of the barrel, the… Honestly, I think for real estate, you got to make a hundred grand.

Now having said that, there’s some of you out there right now, they’re kind of going, “Listen, I only need 40, 50 grand. My husband makes good money or my wife makes good money or whatever.” Or “I’m basically retired. I’ve got a pension coming in and I just need to make 40, 50 grand a year. I’m cool with that. I don’t want to be stressed out or whatever.” Totally fine! Totally cool with that! But wouldn’t it be great if you’re doing it all with the right tactics and the right strategies and it becomes even easier?

More, I find is always better than less. I found… That’s something I found… More is better than less. And if you could do at the same effort, right? Mentalities. Still live at peace, still have a balanced life and still have all of those wonderful things but have a little bit more? I think that’s okay. Do you agree with me on that? I think so.

So I would train 7 to 20 people at once in a board room at the office and the first week I would go over all a bunch of stuff and people would be all inspired and they’d be excited and then they would start to fizzle and then they would start stopped showing up and I didn’t have the time to make sure they did the stuff I was teaching. I didn’t have time to run around and check on everybody, right? I assume that people are in business for themselves and they’ve taken the time, they’ve paid some money, their life is on the line financially, that they would want to hunger for this information. That they would just want it. Like they’re starving for it! And that they would take it in!

Because they would look at me and go, “Well, Kelly’s making lots of money. I should do what he’s doing.” Right? And I actually assumed it. I actually totally made this assumption that they would just want to hunger for this. Drove me crazy. It drove me nuts and I wasn’t able to follow up with them. The ones that dropped out or stopped coming or whatever, I didn’t shun them or whatever. But I was like, “Man, I don’t know how much more time I want to spend with you. I’m taking the time to put all this information together. I’m giving you stuff to do and then you’re not doing it.”

So the ones that dropped out are the same people that moved on to other offices. That offered them things like “six months free to move.” And you have this happening within offices. People start recruiting from other people in other offices and it’s just kind of this game. It’s always going on, right?

There was a time that other offices would offer agents in my office “six months free.” Come on over! Cost you nothing for six months. Well, they’re looking at that going, “This is my financial situation right now. My goodness, six months free. That’ll give me six months to build my business up and get some buffer going and then I’ll be fine!” But the thing is, in six months they’re in exactly the same state because you know what? Honestly, I hate to say this. They’re the bottom feeders, right? The bottom feeders. I hate to say that. It sounds so negative, but it’s true.

Do you guys understand the 80/20 rule? I don’t know if I’ve talked about this yet. I don’t think I have. I’m going to do a whole podcast on the 80/20 rule, but these are the bottom feeders. 80% of the people that are left fighting over 20% that’s leftover because the 80/20 rule is this: The top 20% control 80% of the wealth. That will never change. That’s a fact. You can see it in all organizations. All sales organizations. In the world, you can see it.

The top 20% control 80% of the wealth. That is a human nature stat that will always happen. It’s a study. It’s called the Pareto principle. But what I love about this… You guys who are listening to this podcast, I’m so inspired by the fact that people are listening to this because, I can tell! Because you’re here, you’re listening to this, you’re putting up with my stuttering and my stammering and all this stuff because you’re looking for nuggets. You’re looking for stuff that’s going to make a difference. You’re looking for stuff to implement. You’re looking for a new understanding. You’re looking for this. And I just applaud you for that because you are going to be in that 20%.

And that’s what I love. You’re on that path. Whether you’re there right now and you just want to get better. Great! Good for you! That’s awesome! Whether you’re not there but you want to get there. Next you’re heading to be, the next goal for that though is to be the top 20% of the top 20%. That’s the top 4% and believe it or not, you don’t have to be making that much money to be in the top 4% for realtors. Believe it or not, it’s brutal. It’s mindblowing. It’s sad in my mind.

I believe we can get you there with what we train and stuff, but first step, getting in the top 20%. You don’t want to be part of that bottom 80% fighting for 20% of the leftovers, right? You want to be controlling your destiny.

That’s what a 4Xer is. That’s what a 4X agent is and that’s an identity that you will adopt. “I’m a 4Xer. I’m in the top 20%.” “I’m a 4Xer. I’m in the top 20 of the 20 I’m in the top 4%.” That’s a 4X agent. Does that make sense? I’m excited for you to get there.

You made a decision. So once you made a decision and you made a commitment, I’m not letting you off the hook! It’s not going to happen. I’m not letting you off. We’re going to go from A to Z on this and I know with full certainty that you will benefit greatly and exponentially from this information. Putting the 4X Formula into practice and while doing that, becoming a 4X agent, a 4Xer!

Once you become that, you can’t go back. There’s no going back! Because your brain is stretched now. You understand! You understand like it’s stretched. You stretch a balloon before blown it up or whatever. You stretch it out. When you let go of it, it doesn’t go back to the same size, right? It’s still kind of stretched. You need to stretch your brain, your habits. Once you create those new habits and you replace those old bad habits that aren’t serving you. You replace them with new good habits that just become things that you do habitually. Mindsets that you think habitually.

We have mindset habits. I don’t know if you notice this about yourself or not, but you do have a mindset habit that you need to replace with a new mindset habit. I don’t know if I’ve verbalized that well enough. There’s probably a better way of saying it, but we do habitually think of certain things.

We can talk to somebody on the phone. If we hear a certain tone in our voice, that’ll trigger something sometimes and people will go habitually into a certain mode in their mentality of all of a sudden vilifying a person if they hear something a certain way. That’s a habit, by the way. But your habits are not going to allow you to be mediocre. Your attitude will not allow you to swim in that Red Pool, right? That bloody red pool of everybody fighting for scraps, right? All these people are just little fish just attacking each other. You know what? They’re attacking each other with old methods, bad training, self centered mentality in a state of constant survival mode. It’s a mess. It’s bloody. It’s gross. That is not a 4X agent. That’s not what we’re looking to create.

Guess what’s going to happen to you? Your friends who opted not to take this course are going to look at you and say, “Wow, he must be lucky. What’s his 4X thing?” Don’t tell them. Don’t tell them! It’s none of their business. They’re going to be wondering why you seem to be so organized. So on the ball, they’ll see a change in you and then notice your habits changing. But it’s when they see the results that they’ll suddenly begin to accept, “Oh man, maybe there’s something to do with this 4X Formula thing.”

The formula is only the design. The business still needs to be built. Yeah, it’s funny. And then what happens is you start to erase that self doubt. You start to be empowered. And then you start to have that, why not me?

Why not me? Why not me? You look at the the billboard guy and the superhero realtor that I even thought I referred to and you look at that person or that lady and you go, you know what they put on their clothes the same way. They’ve got to deal with doing their hair in the morning and figuring out what to have for breakfast and what’s going on for dinner that night and getting their kids to dance and sports and dealing with all those life things, right? They got to deal with all that stuff too. They’re not lucky. They don’t have an extra benefit over you. The only difference between them and you at the moment is the way they think. And they just started thinking that way sooner. Before you.

But that’s okay! It’s not too late! Just draw a line in the sand and let’s go. Hop over. Build that belief. Build that belief. Build that belief. Get rid of that self doubt. It’s going to creep in and you know what’s also going to happen? I’ll tell you that right now so you’re all prepared. As soon as you start on a new path. So as soon as you step over that line and you start going and you’ve stepped over that line and you’re creating a new you. You’re adopting different habits and you’re reading different things and you’re filling your brain with stuff that’s going to serve you. And you start doing all that, challenges are going to hit you right away.

It’s a test. It’s going to happen. I’m going to tell you that right now. You’re going to hit a challenge and it’s gonna try and get that little self doubt monster in there to try and needle in and start getting those questions to get into your brain again. And what will happen is, it’s either going to get in or you’re going to go “No!” And you’re going to take action and that self doubt is going to start to be erased and then you’re going to be empowered because your brain suddenly goes, “Hey, I just overcame that. That wasn’t such a big deal. Whoa, look what I just did. Was that me just saying those words to those people? Did that just happen? Wow! That was me.” It’s almost like you’re outside of yourself watching yourself and it will happen. You’ll start to grow with that and embrace that and become that.

That’s what I want for you. I’m really excited for you. I hope this inspired you today. You know what, we’re just looking to keep sharing as much as we can. Thank you for being with me today. I wish you all the best. I truly do.

Take care.

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