4X Formula radio episode 19 - Lift off - the airplane analogy
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4XF 19: Lift Off - The Airplane Analogy

Lift Off - The Airplane Analogy

Hey Everybody – thank you for tuning in once again for another episode of 4X Formula Real Estate Training. I am your host Kelly Johnston.
Are you in a place where you need to get your business off the ground? I know some Real Estate agents that have been in the business 2 months, and 2 years that feel that way….You are not alone…. Today I am going to talk about how to get your business to “Lift OFF”!!!

Let’s talk about LIFT OFF in the terms of what is required for an airplane to get off the ground.
When a pilot is getting ready for take off, he makes sure he goes over his whole checklist and then ensures that everything is in order. He waits to get clearance from the control tower and then heads to the run way. (Let’s call this the start of your business) He gets himself ready. Once he gets the go ahead, he then proceeds to push the throttle forward accelerating the engines. The plane begins to pick up speed and moving very fast. The pilot pushes the throttle right to the maximum speed. Once he hits that crucial speed then the rest of the machine begins to respond and the plane starts to take flight.
The fact is this: if he lets off the throttle even a little bit, the plane will fail to lift off the ground. It will not launch into the air. The pilot must keep that throttle all the way down in order to experience “lift off”. He is not guessing which speed he needs to be at to experience lift off. He knows that there is no negotiation. He understand that it will simply not happen unless he is going the appropriate speed.

Then – after lift off, as he gains altitude and levels the plane out at 30,000 feet or so, he now has to let off the throttle or he will burn the engines out. He has no choice once again. The plane will be damaged if he keeps the throttle at full blast. Up at that altitude the air is thinner and there is less friction so the plane actually gets to the destination a lot quicker with much less effort.
There will be turbulence but it won’t really slow the plane down. It’s just turbulence. Its kind of bumpy. It’s not pleasant but it is expected most of the time. Sometimes the pilot will even know when it may happen before it happens. His experience has taught him that he may encounter it and he is ready for it. This like your business. The thing is, “turbulence” doesn’t effect you that much when you are up in the air…..BUT it is much more extreme when you are still on the ground.
I love this analogy…because it literally mirrors our business. I know a lot of people that may be struggling. This may be you. There is no short cut in this business to the amount of work that is involved to get it off the ground. It has to be intentional and focussed and employ the appropriate strategies.
IF you don’t get your business to lift off. You will run out of runway. Does that make sense? This is where people quit. They run out of resources. They run out of time. They run out of patience. They run out. The funny thing is – it is usually because they aren’t running. They are trying to get their business to lift off while going half the speed; or they don’t engage all of the engines to make it work; or they haven’t got anyone in the cockpit with them to help them understand what needs to be done in order to experience lift off!
Every once in a while you will be inspired and start to gain speed again but if you don’t keep it up long enough, and do all of the right things along the way you will never experience the full launch of your business. I see this in 80% of the Real Estate agents out there. As you move the through the business it should get easier. You should be able to pull back the throttle and enjoy the fruits of your labour but not unless you have properly launched your business.
Once you create a 4X Formula Business and put all of your effort into fruitful activities, multiplying your results along the way allowing your energy to compound the results you will be able to put yourself into cruise mode. But you have to earn it. My job is to create the perfect runway for you…. A shorter runway. Believe me, I was stuck on the ground for a long time…Then I experienced lift off…..Then I crashed into the middle of an ocean and had to survive to get to get to the main land again…..Get another plane and then do lift off again…..
I already know all of the wrong paths, runways, planes and strategies to employ….I could probably write a book on how to do everything wrong….but instead we are here to help you get in the right vehicle on the right path to get lift off correctly and efficiently….

Keep listening and we will be launching soon…..Be one of the first 100 people to join us….We will be announcing the launch in the next 30 days….I am so excited.
Take care.

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