4X Formula Radio - Episode 01 What I discovered as a real estate agent
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Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson, founder of the 4X formula and the big question is this: How are real estate agents like us able to create a constant stream of commissions and a constant stream of leads while enjoying life without wasting big budgets on branding, without working crazy hours, without worrying where the next deal’s coming from in today’s real estate market. This podcast is here to reveal the answers.

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been in the business 22 years now and just this last year, the last few years… Um… Just in the last 3 years if I add up all my commissions together just in the last 3 years and then added the extra things that I was able to do to create money by just doing some smart things in real estate as well like sticking with what you know, creating strategic partnerships and all that kind of stuff. That’s all bonus stuff that happens over and above just purely selling real estate. When you get to that point and you have enough income and you’re making more money than you need and you can kind of put some money away and do some cool investments in a business that you know. Properly. Not taking advantage of anybody. Creating win win relationships. All that kind of stuff.

You know we’re close two and half million dollars. I’m not bragging about that but I’m just letting you know in that time, in that 3 years, I did tons of traveling. Just in the last year alone, we went to England for almost 2 weeks. We went to Paris. I turned 50 so we went to Paris and did a trip for that. My son graduated so we took him to California to celebrate his graduation. We were able to do that. My wife and I went to Cuba it’s just kind of get away chill kind of vacation and so we did a bunch of stuff like that plus we bought a new trailer. We love going camping. Spent time with the with the family. I was able to work in and do some camping experiment with that a little bit. But a lot of time away from the office. A lot of time just enjoying each other and having fun with life and living life. But at the same time having the best years of our lives doing the most volume. We didn’t have to share a lot of money either. We got to keep a lot of it and in the meantime net a lot more money.

There’s this thing I know because back in 2003 to 2007 I made a ton of money back then but I didn’t keep any of it. I didn’t even know where it was. I never knew where any of the money was going and as I look back on it now and I analyze that business I did everything back in those days… I did everything that I was taught. I went to tons seminars, I read tons of books. At the time there was still cassettes and CD’s and you know there were still things like that going on. Watching videos, CD’s, getting information anyway I possibly could. Just filling my brain. Those are the only books I’ve ever read.  I never read a story books or anything like that for leisure. It was all about this “filling my brain, filling my brain, filling my brain” with all this stuff.

All of that stuff was teaching me what I was doing and I was doing it! I was putting it into practice and in a lot of people’s minds I was really successful. People looked at me like “Oh yeah, you’re the top dog in the city! You’re the big man!” and all that kind of stuff. I wasn’t keeping any money! I had no money left! Then I got into trouble with taxes and you know all that kind of stuff. I was able to invests when the market crashed in 2008. I wasn’t ready for that! I had this kind of go into survival mode to get through all of that. All that kind stuff…

I just want you to know I’ve been there and I’ve been in all aspects of the business. I’ve been when I first start out in the business I had nothing, absolutely nothing. I had to talk a guy in to loan me some money so I can get a second car for me and my wife. We were living in a basement suite. Just kind of starting out. We had nothing. I was bankrupted. You know… We literally started with nothing.

If you’re in that place in your life, I know how to relate to you. If you’re a successful Asian that’s got this big business but you try to figure out where all the money’s going and you’re not able to keep any of it. You just want to profit and learn how to take that and leverage out for more business. Hey! I can help you with that. If you’re a struggling agent just kinda haven’t found that knee sure that kind of magic formula to kind of take it to the next level, I can help you with that. Honestly, I believe anybody can make it in the real estate business. I am a testament to that. I am not a special guy. I’m not. I’m just a normal dude. This is not about me. This is about the systems and about what we can get you trained on.

It’s called the 4X formula.

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