Episode 31: Agent operates with intention
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4XF 31: Agent operates with intention

Agent operates with intention

Hey all you 4X’ers out there…thank you for joining us again on 4X Formula Radio, I’m Kelly Johnston the founder of the 4X Formula where we teach Real Estate Agents to 4X their business utilizing the 4X Formula.  We are in a 9 part series right now talking about the 9 Critical Aspects of a 4X Agent.  There are a lot of 1X and 2X Agents out there operating in Real Estate and we focus on all 4 aspects of Real Estate Mastery in order to create 4X er’s who will eventually enjoy the DREAM Real Estate BUSINESS…go to 4X Formula dot com to learn more….

If you haven’t already, I think that it will be valuable for you to go back and listen to the last 4 Episodes so that you are up to speed….Today we are talking about #5 – A 4X Agent is Intentional….cue the intro…

Working with Intention is the 5th key in becoming a productive 4X Agent.  We have gone over what it means to be a Professional, what it means to be Accountable, the importance of being Organized, how be a person that Maximizes their Time….These are all incredibly important things…

It’s interesting though.  I was thinking about this…If you simply operate with the right intentional mindsets, strategies and operated your day “ON Purpose” then I believe that a lot of the other facets would be automatically taken care of.  If you injected a clear intention to everything that you do then how would you function?

I think about this all the time…

So when I am designing the podcasts….that you listen to, I have to operate with intention….when I am designing and writing the lessons that build on each other, it is completely intentional…in the course, there is a reason that before we get into the details we do the foundational exercises.  This is vitally important so that we help you create something that builds on itself.

The Intention is that we help you create mini-successes along the way and then the building blocks of the exercises, work in concert with your journey….and then by the end of it, you solidify your business and create a business that feeds itself, while also, simultaneously transforming yourself along the way…you actually become “worthy” of the success that you will enjoy….the foundation is laid in and you build your business on top of it but you are also at the same time, laying in a foundation of becoming a person of enormous value….That is my intention for this course.  That is my goal…my Intention….

Here’s my WHY!  The ultimate intention that is more macro to the micro part of this project, is that, I believe that we can inadvertently help to eliminate two major challenges in North America….

  • Realtor Poverty – the average income of the Real Estate Agent is under $45,000 per year. -ICK
  • Lack of Realtor Respectability – REALTOR’s are still in the nations top 10 LEAST TRUSTED professionals.

SO I want to create a bunch of 4X Agents who are out there kicking butt  – doing business the correct way, with the right mindsets in place, employing the 9 critical aspects into their lives and businesses, and I know if they do, we will begin to tackle those two items….At the very least, I hope that there will be no 4X Agents who fall into those categories of REALTOR poverty and lack of REALTOR Respectability, while making over $100,000 per year and beyond, while serving people well, and becoming trusted advocates for the general public and literally transforming who a “Real Estate Agent” is in the eyes of the public….

Ok my Intention is stated now…its done.  I can’t take it back.  That is my intention.

SO how does that effect my daily activities?  My monthly activities?  My approach to recording a podcast?  TO give value….Am I giving you value?  Are you getting value out of this?  Please let me know by commenting and giving me a rating if you are listening on iTunes.  Thanks.  Totally appreciate it.

OK – so what about you…

Here is a quote from Oprah Winfrey

“Intention is one with cause and effect.  Intention determines outcome.  And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance”

Be Intentional…about everything.  Show up.  Show up and do.  Show up and create.  Show up and influence.  Show up ready.  Show up prepared.  Show up with a clear understanding of the goals that you want to achieve.  Show up.

Operate on Purpose with Intention is the only way to operate or else you flounder.  IT is a frazzled existence.  There is no direction.  Just making money is not enough.  If you do things correctly with the right intentions, the money will come, trust me.

Here is something simple.  Be intentional about how you dress.  One example of that is, if you are meeting a construction worker who is just getting home from work and you know that…should you wear a 3 piece suit?  I don’t know the answer for you, BUT if you are operating intentionally you will govern all actions.  Personally, I would think about it a bit.  I would think about how that person may feel about me based on what I am wearing….Now I am not suggesting that you keep some ripped jeans and white pit stained t-shirt in your car for meetings like that so that you mirror the person you are meeting.  That’s not what I am getting at.  My intention, always, is that I want people to feel comfortable with me.  I want them to trust me, as soon as possible, so that we can get on with the business that we need to do for them.  I want to operate my meeting intentionally with the results that I intend to achieve in that meeting.  So, if the clothes I wear may have a chance of delaying that, then I plan accordingly.  IF you are meeting a corporate person who is around people in a suit and tie all day long then he may feel more comfortable with you if you were more in line with his dress.  Does that make sense?  It’s a small thing but that is what I mean by operating with intention.

End your day with intentional thinking….plan the next day….then you can start your next day prepared to start the day running.  The day will run you or you will run your day….and running in a chosen direction is faster than walking and truly faster than running in various unplanned directions.  The preparations for the meetings that are scheduled for today….when were they done?  If you have listened to my past podcasts you will know that you have already prepared for the meetings today – before today….yesterday or the day before so that you are able to take advantage of opportunity today.

Are you thinking about your WHY and the goals that you set for yourself every day?  What governs your thoughts and actions?  Your Intentional thinking.  “Intention is ONE with CAUSE and EFFECT”…I love that.

Are you feeling stuck?  Are you feeling like you are wandering and aimless?  Have you ever felt that way?  That’s because you were operating in a vacuum.  It’s all internal.  It’s self absorbed.  It’s inward.  It has no purpose.  There is no result other than sucking in.  People know what they want.  What they hope for.  What they wish they could have.  What would be nice.  They do kind of know because – they know what they want to move away from.  From what sucks.  Right?  But without a proper intention then they are just sucking in what sucks – more.  Its suffocating.  This is what causes people stress and confusion…I really believe that.  They don’t see a way out.  They feel powerless.

Operating with Intention is like breaking down what you want in a Macro way….define that.  Then internalize that….that becomes the rudder that steers your decisions and actions.  Its outward and action oriented.  If you operate with intention – Inaction – starts to bother you.  You are purpose driven.  You have a goal to achieve, you know why you want to achieve and now you are willing to submit and learn all the hows and whats and “to-do’s” that are required in order to get that to happen.

You take the power back.  See how awesome that is?  Instead of a ship floating around an ocean with no direction and no engine to turn it on….you have your goals set, you know why you want to achieve those goals and what achieving those goals will mean to you and you have emotionally internalized what that will mean for you AND now you are operating with INTENTION.  This Ship has a clear direction…you have charted the course, you are all fueled up and the motor is all in tune and ready to go….

The other aspect that makes this so important is that while you are on the journey, there will be stormy seas…there will be high winds that will try to get you off course…this will happen.  IT is freaking guaranteed.  It will happen.  So this is where the test occurs.  What are your action steps?  Do you know where you are going?  Do you know how to get back on course?  How important is it to get to that destination?  If everything is in order….goals – why and purpose and intention….You will do what it takes.  You will do what is hard and stand in that rain and wind and keep that wheel in place and you will weather the storm…

“Every action has an impact, choose wisely the impact you want to have.” Tony Robbins.

Every single action has an impact in one way or another.  So when you make a meeting with someone…does it make sense to make notes?  Should you be properly prepared?  Should you have an idea of the what would create a successful outcome for that meeting?  When you do an open house,   do you just barely make it on time and simply show up and hope people will show up?  Do you just take a sign call and jump in your car to show someone the home with no plan or pre-qualification chat?  Are you willing to sacrifice productive time because you don’t value your time enough?  Do you unintentionally waste time?

Should you be out to 2am drinking with your buddies when you have an 8am meeting?  If you are operating with intention, you will understand that having a clear brain for that meeting is the most important thing.  You associate more pleasure to having a good meeting than the pleasure of drinking with your buddies…see how empowering this is?

I am not saying that having some fun with your buddies is bad or wrong.  Just Plan intentionally.  Then don’t have a meeting at 8am the next day….book it for a time when you can show up prepared and clear headed to get the most out of that time with that person….if you are operating with intention you are not willing to sacrifice these golden opportunities.

When you have clear goals, defined your WHY and understand the power of operating with Intention, then you make decisions easily.  You prioritize easily.  You deal with conflict easily.  You adjust how you associate pleasure and pain.  You begin to associate more pleasure to doing the right thing that is in line with your intentions and more PAIN to not doing those things.  Now you are driven by a different force – You don’t need to be motivated.  You don’t need to be pumped up all the time.  You don’t need an injection of ego boost to keep yourself going.  Some people are driven by ego alone.  That can be very powerful.  IT can create a lot of success.  I am not putting these people down… It is an incredible motivator and very powerful but it is not fulfilling.  There is always an emptiness.  There is this constant – gotta have more – gotta have more….so you make decisions incorrectly.

I was that person.  My goal was – Make a lot of Money and then show everyone how successful I was.  That was a powerful motivator to me.  I needed to feel like I was better than everyone else.

The truth is, I had no idea what success was.  I didn’t understand.  I grew up on a Farm and I remember my parents constantly fighting about money.  We were quite poor.  IT was a struggle.  In the early 80’s the interest rates went to over 21% and my parents were in a depressed state.  My Mom had to take a job and my Dad’s back went out.  I was the oldest, so I had to help take care of things.  I heard the arguments.  I felt the stress.  I saw the challenges and my parents felt powerless.  I decided that I would never put my family in that position.  So I created a strong motivation early on in my life…

But then, once I was able to achieve what I believed to be success….(I had no example of a measuring stick) I became totally ego dominated.  I was controlled by my ego.  I made decisions based on what fed my ego….and because I was doing it all wrong, I was constantly in stormy seas.  I was constantly bailing water out of my ship…the ships steering wheel went everywhere…I had no rudder to steer anyway….AND the fuel – the WHY and a purpose with proper defined Intention was not in there….so I had no fuel for the motor….i was just being pushed around by the wind.  My sails were up….I wanted to go somewhere….I wanted the money so I had to keep the ship moving but I had no fuel and no direction… Does that analogy make sense?

I went to meetings totally unprepared willing to say whatever I needed to say to get the listing.  Cut commission sure, why not.  I just wanted to win.  I just wanted to have another listing.  Over-priced sure what the heck…I just want to have another listing….Gotta keep filling up that full page color ad.

I want to save you time, money, and stress.  That’s why I am doing this.


Start your day intentionally….DO your DAY intentionally….when you talk to people, when you send an email, when you send a text, when you speak to other agents, when you speak to the person at the drive thru, and when you send an offer or present an offer for a Buyer….Are you operating Intentionally?  Are you doing your best?

As Tony Robbins says….“Every action has an impact, choose wisely the impact you want to have.” SO think about that.  Inaction falls into that category.  That’s an action too.  It counts.  What are you not doing?

If you feel that you are stuck…or have lack of motivation….or operating in a state of confusion or feel the need to have a plan….or just need to understand where to start…AND you are willing to submit to the formula for success then I would love you to join us….come along on the journey.  Think about the quote from Oprah Winfrey:

“Intention is one with cause and effect.  Intention determines outcome.  And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance”

Check the thought and Action that created the circumstance….. I would add “inaction” to that.

Do you want to know WHAT to do?  HOW to do it?  Here is where you go for that…

Go to 4XFormula.com to learn more.

Thanks once again for listening, I appreciate you and I know you will be a great Real Estate professional because you are taking the time to listen to my ramblings.

Go out there and make an awesome day!

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