Online Real Estate Training Episode 46: 10 things to do at year end.
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4XF 46: 10 things to do at year end

10 things to do at year end

Online Real Estate Training: 10 things to do at year end – Podcast #46

Hey all you future 4X’er out there.  Glad you are here listening today.

I am sorry I skipped two weeks in publishing the podcast.  I was busy like crazy working on a really intense part of the course.  I wanted to get ahead of production so that I wouldn’t be holding anyone up.

I think I mentioned in the last episode that the 4X formula Real Estate course is turning out to be much more than I originally anticipated.  That is the truth.

But as I am moving forward with the project, I am constantly thinking about how to enrich your businesses with content that is delivered in a way that you can use it immediately.  I want you to Learn and Apply and Learn and Apply right away.  Then I will introduce the next step….then you will apply that and as you move the material you will be learning, applying, improving, and experiencing mini successes along the way and then learning and applying and improving and experiencing mini successes along the way and as you move through this course you will reach a point where you will look back and go…..

“Is that really how I did things before?”

“Is that really how I thought before?”

“Is that really something that used to stress me out?”

AND I really hope you are saying to yourself….

“Is that really how much money I used to make?”

But in all parts of the year and in all seasons there are times where you do your work and meet your people and prepare for your meetings and suddenly you look up and realize….Hey I have some time, here, what do I do?

I find that this happens in December for me.  I actually try to phase things down by the middle of December and then really try to spend more time with family at home and relax for the remainder of the year until the first or second week of January.  But in that time frame, I do have a plan for some of those days to help me prepare for the next year.  That’s what we are going to chat about today…

Ok…so I want to encourage you to use this time to re-charge.  Spend time with loved ones and family and friends.  Make connections and attend the various events to nurture relationships for the future.  Yes…that is very important on so many levels for so many reasons.

In order to set things up to have a great year, the next year, there are some things that I do every single year to prepare and get my mind in gear.

  1. Clean and Purge Database – Christmas Card time is a good time for this.
  2. Identify you’re A clients and do a personal gift drop off
  3. Quantify LAST YEAR
  4. Goal Set for Next Year from that information
  5. Set up Systems – 12 month FARM Plan
  6. If you have been in the business for over 3 years….go back in time, and look at the sales that happened. 2 to 4 years ago.  Make a plan – LIST – to touch base with those clients in mid January.
  7. Go into your Web based contract forms program and tidy things up. Make your kits.  Tidy up your clauses and phrases and get ready for offer writing next year and create more efficiency for when you get busy.
  8. Do a sign inventory and make sure you have nice, clean and crisp signs, pointers, and open house signs, flags etc all branded the same. Throw out the ugly yucky ones and order up some new ones to get ready for next year.  Some companies are slower during this time of year, so, sometimes they are offering incentives or discounts during this part of the year.
  9. Organize your market materials and “leave behind items” and ensure that everything is relevant. Do you need to get more printed?  Are your “email packages” all relevant and pertinent to what you are doing today.  Does it still have Google plus on it?  Which is now discontinued.
  10. Does your website need any tidying? More updated pictures.  Do you have a BLOG page?  If you don’t, get one.  Add one.  Write a few articles and steal some articles from other sources and create some future Blogs to get your relevance growing for your website.

These are just 10 things to do that could help you get a great start in 2020.  We go over this stuff in the 4X Formula Real Estate Training Course in much, much more detail.  If you want to know more and sign up to get on the waiting list for the FREE training, go to and click on FREE TRAINING…and get on the waiting list.  We have some special surprises for those of you on the waiting list.

For now, I want you to go out there and get ready to have the best real estate year you have ever ever had in 2020.  Get yourself organized and ready so that you can hit the ground running next year.  So excited for you guys.

Go out there and Make a great day!

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