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[vc_row][vc_column][lab_heading title_tag=”H1″ title=”6 Productivity Hacks for Success!”]My name is Kelly Johnston and I have created this video for anyone who is in any sort of situation where they want to be absolutely producing at 110% in order to succeed. I am talking about this today because I think that there is a crucial need for every single one of us to create habits that will serve us well, but also, in turn, serve the people, that we serve in a great way. Good enough is not good enough and that can printed on T-Shirts and put on bumper stickers for all to see because it is an absolute law. A truth. Good enough is not Good enough. If you are watching, I know you are good, but let’s go from Good to Great. Are you with me? [/lab_heading][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey Everyone.  Thank you for joining me today.  My name is Kelly Johnston and I have created this video for anyone who is in any sort of situation where they want to be absolutely producing at 110% in order to succeed.

I am talking about this today because I think that there is a crucial need for every single one of us to create habits that will serve us well, but also, in turn, serve the people, that we serve in a great way.  Good enough is not good enough and that can printed on T-Shirts and put on bumper stickers for all to see because it is an absolute law.  A truth.  Good enough is not Good enough.  If you are watching, I know you are good, but let’s go from Good to Great. Are you with me?  Ok real quick, At the time of filming this video, we are in the middle of a CoronaVirus Pandemic so it seems to be more applicable today for everyone but my hope is that you implement this tactic into your life and make it a new habit so that when all of this is over you will be starting from a different platform.  The danger in this whole thing is that we end up creating new habits that will actually work against us.  Does that make sense?  That scares the crap out of me.  I don’t want to fall into a place of complacency.  I don’t want to have to begin at a lower platform and start that work to create momentum in my life and business from a place that is lower than when this all started.  Does that make sense?

With all of this in mind, I want this information to serve people years from now.  Once everything is all turned on, and let’s say you are watching this video, 2 years after this whole CoronaVirus thing is over, I want this to as applicable for you, as it is today during these current circumstances.  This is not a “Click-Bait” type of Video.  Ok…lets get into it..

Ok…In order to be productive on a daily basis, I have always used a thing called the “Critical 6”.  The Critical 6 are the 6 things that need to be done today in order to make my day as productive as possible.  The question that I ask myself the night before. If you are doing it first thing in the morning that is ok….But I find that if I make the list the night before it is much more effective.  I’ll tell you why.  There are 2 reasons for this:  Once you have had a day….the day is coming to a close…in order to relax your mind allowing you to have a good sleep it is always a great idea to do a mind dump onto paper so that you can allow yourself to relax knowing you have done everything in your power for that day to be productive.  This eases stress.  It stops the conscious part of your mind from churning when you are supposed to be getting rest and  allows you to get the proper REM sleep that you need in order to be highly productive the next day.

The second thing that is a huge benefit is when you do that your non-conscious part of your brain is activated and it will go to work for you while you are sleeping.  I have don’t this many times, and it happens every once in a while, where I will wake up and start my day and new ideas hit me when I am in the shower or when I am making coffee.  I literally get “game-changing” ideas the next day that are amazing!  These are very important benefits.  So that is a new habit to adopt.  Do you Critical 6 at the end of your day for the next day.  Now I call it the Critical 6 but if you have 10 things to write down then write them all down but the first 6 are the Critical 6.  Make sense?  Are any of you List Makers out there?  Let me know in the comments if this makes sense to you and it will be something that you implement.  I would love to see that in the comments below.  So once this is done…please take a quick second and let me know if you are going to implement the Critical 6 concept.  Ok so here is how I would approach the Critical 6.  Everything is about productivity but what about all parts of your life.  Let’s look at what I call the Success Triangle.  Would you agree with me that Success is measured a lot of times by money.  Sure.  Why not.  It is one measuring stick for sure.

Money allows us to get what we need, get other things that are over and above our needs, to help others in need and to contribute to causes that we care about.  I think that once we get out of survival mode and into Thrive mode we begin to see outside of ourselves more as long as we begin to feel more fulfilled.  So we need to take care of the other aspects that help drive our success as well.  Would you agree with that?  This is supposed to be a shorter video to get this info to you so I will get right into it.  Ok. In order to Thrive…we have to take care of other aspects of our lives otherwise the Triangle looks like this.  It has no foundational principals in place.  Its just about money and we strive for money.  Money-money-money and the next thing we know the triangle topples over and crushes other parts of our lives.  Something will get sacrificed.  So with in the Critical 6 we need to have some non-negotiables while striving for monetary success.  Here are the 3 Non-Negotiables.  Now you have to work out how you fulfill these things.  Its up to you.  The most powerful thing that will drive to success in any endeavour is your mind.  Your mind.  Your habitual thoughts.  Your Mindsets that steer your decisions and your attitude throughout each day is the foundation to everything.  Your Mind is so powerful when utilized to its full potential.  Fill your mind with good nutritional information and feed it well and feed it intentionally because it is always being fed.  Whether you like it or not it is being fed.  You need to brainwash yourself on a daily basis  – routinely – because you need to get the dirt out.  Does that make sense?  Do that.

There are many ways to do that.  You are doing it right now so good for you.  Thank you for being here and I am honoured to be part of that for you right now.  That is awesome.  But keep it up consciously and intentionally every day.  Then over here we have the Soul.  You Soul needs to be fed.  One thing that is on my list is taking moment each day to think deeply and intentionally about what I am grateful for.  Doing morning devotions.  Depending on your faith…but take time to do that.  IT grounds you.  IT reminds you of what is truly important.  When you remind yourself about how amazing what God has done for us, it is truly humbling.  We need that on a daily basis to keep our perspective especially when we deal with many different challenges, or different types of personality types or whatever throughout the day…When stress sets in, and you take some time to be grateful it brings back the peace into your soul.

There are many ways to do this but my message here is shooting for Financial Success without feeding your Soul will literally crush your soul.  Be aware of this.  On the other side of this, we need to take care of our Body…Health.  More than ever right now, we know that during this CoronaVirus Pandemic that Health is valued highly right now.  We as a World of People all over the world have literally changed our daily lives to preserve our health.  The healthy are the people that are in the lowest risk category.  We need to take care of our bodies.  I can’t go to the gym right now so I have found a great trail that is 1.5km up hill on a great incline that gets my heart rate up to the perfect place in order to strengthen my heart and my body.  But the other benefit of that is I am forcing oxygen into my brain so that I can think effectively.  I stay sharper.  I am able to be more productive at my home office.  I am walking in nature and that is good for the soul and while I am walking uphill and then back to my house I am listening to a podcast to learn more and feed my brain, at the same time.  That is just one idea that works well for me.  SO here we go…the first three things on the list have to involve these three things first…they make up half of the Critical 6.

The next 3 things are the most important things that you have to accomplish if you knew that you were not going to be around tomorrow to take care of them.  These are critical.  Now you can take it a little further and put in some to-do’s and things to remember or put certain things in your calender like meetings etc that make up your day.  But these 6 things are non-negotiable priorities in order to move you from Survive and get you to Thrive and while you are headed there you are building a foundation that is supported by all facets that make a successful person.  Over here, you can maybe get to the money or even get yourself to thrive  – monetarily – but are you thriving in all other parts of your life.  Take a good honest look at that.  What about your relationships, with your wife, your kids, your friends and co-workers and peers.  Is that all healthy….Are you at peace every day?  Are you grateful?  Truly grateful and humbled by the gifts that are present in your life?  Are you a lifelong learner.  Are you filling your brain with information that will serve you?   There are people out there right now providing this stuff for us on all platforms.  For the Mind there are people out there like Simon Sinek, Gary V, John Maxwell, Colin Morgan from the Daily Grind podcast….there is a guy that I see on LinkedIn all the time, named Jeremy Abramson who has devoted his whole life to helping people stay healthy in all environments and is showing us every day new exercises to keep our bodies healthy….Then for our social media learning there are people out there right now giving away amazing information to help us.  You are either a consumer of social media for entertainment?

OR a Consumer of Social media to learn content to serve others or you are a Producer of Social Media content to help others and gain relevance in this world.  Take a look at what Shay Rowbottom is doing on LinkedIn.  She is the LinkedIn Queen in my opinion.  Or Mike Sherrard on YouTube.  He is producing awesome content on YouTube giving away tricks and tips for all platforms of social media.  These people are awesome.  What books are you reading right now?  You should read a minimum of 15 minutes a day before you go to bed.  Something that feeds your brain so it percolates over night and gives you new insights and ideas to keep you sharp.  There you have it.  Productivity Hacks during a Pandemic to get you to your most productive state.  I hope you found this information valuable and you implement it into your daily routines.

Go out there and kick butt….or if you are watching this during this time of isolation, then hashtag Stay Home and kick butt!  If you enjoyed this video please hit like and if you haven’t already please subscribe as I will continue to be producing content on a weekly basis…hit the bell to get notified when another video drops….Take care and promise yourself to Win the Day every day![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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