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4XF 58: 4 Powerful Mindshifts for New Agents

[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1637″ img_size=”medium”][lab_heading title_tag=”H1″ title=”4 Mind Shifts for NEW Agents”]I understand how important it is to have “work- life balance”. I do understand that. I agree that it is super important to achieve that. BUT…there is a huge BUT here. I want you to fully understand that you can’t simply decide to have “work-life balance” and have it unless you have decided that you are ok with living in a tent somewhere. That may be ok. The truth is that, you have to be out of balance first in order to achieve balance.[/lab_heading][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ok let’s get right into it.  First concept.

Full Throttle.

I understand how important it is to have “work- life balance”.  I do understand that.  I agree that it is super important to achieve that.  BUT…there is a huge BUT here.  I want you to fully understand that you can’t simply decide to have “work-life balance” and have it unless you have decided that you are ok with living in a tent somewhere.  That may be ok.  The truth is that, you have to be out of balance first in order to achieve balance.  There is a “weight” that has to be achieved and that is your concentrated effort.  Balance doesn’t just happen.  Do you know what I mean?  Picture a scale.  One end of the scale is already weighted down.  Something has to be put on this side in order to get the other side to rise.  This is the Energy, Money and Time.  That has to be loaded on, in order to make that happen.  Here is another visual.  I call it the LIFT OFF.  Let’s talk about LIFT OFF in the terms of what is required for an airplane to get off the ground.  When an airplane pilot is getting ready for take off, he makes sure he goes over his whole checklist and then ensures that everything is in order.  He waits to get clearance from the control tower and then heads to the run-way. Once he gets the go ahead, he then proceeds to push the throttle forward accelerating the engines.  The plane begins to pick up speed and starts moving very fast.  The pilot pushes the throttle right to the maximum speed.  All the way.  Once he hits that crucial speed then the rest of the machine begins to respond and the plane starts to take flight.  Lift Off.  Now here’s the thing, if he lets off the throttle even a little bit, the plane will fail to lift off the ground.  It won’t launch into the air.  The pilot must keep that throttle all the way down in order to experience “lift off”.  He is not guessing which speed he needs to be at to experience lift off. He knows that there is no negotiation on that.  He understand that it will simply not happen unless he is going the maximum speed.  Now here is the cool part….this is where the “balance” comes in.  Shortly, after lift off, as the plane gains altitude and he levels the plane out at 30,000 feet or so, he now has to let off the throttle or he will burn the engines out.  He has no choice once again.  The plane will be damaged if he keeps the throttle at full blast. Up at that altitude the air is thinner and there is less friction, so the plane actually gets to the destination a lot quicker with much less effort.  This is where the balance of life kicks in.  This is what you are striving for.  So in the beginning the focus has to be entirely on activities and effort and focus that gets you into momentum, at top speed, to get you to lift off.  Little spurts don’t work.

Does that make sense? I think that a lot of people think that they are running a 40 yard dash instead of a 100 yard dash.  They slow down for bit, and then when they see things not lifting off they amp it up again.  What can happen is that some people never experience lift off and instead, they potentially reach burn out.  They never seem to have balance in their life.  I love this analogy…because it literally mirrors our business.  I know a lot of people that may be struggling.  This may be you.  There is no short cut in this business to the amount of work that is involved to get it off the ground.  It has to be intentional and focussed and employ the appropriate strategies.  Every effort has to build on itself to ensure lift off.  Efficiency and Traction and Momentum have to be employed all, at the same time.  IF you don’t get your business to lift off.  You will run out of runway.  Does that make sense? This is where people quit.  They run out of resources.  They run of energy.  They run out of money.  They run out of time.  They run out of patience.  They run out.  The funny thing is – it is usually because they weren’t running.  Running at full speed anyway.  Ok…so you need to be going full blast but with concentrated effort and all wheels turning in the right direction and all engines going.  This leads us right into #2.

Keep the Tank full.

I am talking about your brain.  This is where you need to keep the mind sharp and focussed on your business.  Fill your mind with information that will serve you and serve your clients.  Don’t get bogged down and weighed down with media information and negativity and cute cat videos or FAIL Videos.  The War Stories from other agents in your office do not serve you.  Don’t get caught up in rants or complaints about the President or some person in your community.  Just focus on what you need to know that serves others.  Keep it simple.  I mean fill your brain with market knowledge.  View a lot of homes.  Get a clear understanding of pricing.  Multiple times per day you need to be checking new listings and sales and keeping yourself abreast of market conditions.  In addition to that you should create a routine of “feeding the Brain” nourishing information that serves you and puts you in the right mindset to prepare you for success.  First thing in the morning and then before you go to sleep.  So that your mind percolates on that information.  You will notice a difference in the first week.  Keep the tank full.  Also, you should invest in good information that will help you understand what to do in order to keep the throttle down.  But make sure it is good information that gives you clarity.  Don’t get fooled by the new “easy thing”.  The one thing that will make you successful.  The truth is there is never one thing.  It is a combination of many things.  Your mental capacity.  Your beliefs that are either serving your or holding you back.  Your insecurities and qwerks….all came from a combination of things.  There is not any one thing that has made you into who you are today.  We are made up of many things.  Our habits and habitual thought patterns make us who we are and that was not developed over night so we have to, intentionally, interrupt that, and work on ourselves, so that we constantly move towards becoming the best version of ourselves.  Sound good?

Keeping yourself educated and informed is what professionals do.  Learn and Improve constantly so that you get to the point of knowing with absolute certainty that, if you have a chance to meet someone, you are gonna win the business.  Professionals know the value of their mind.  You have to protect your mind as if your life depends on it, because it does.  The other benefit of this is that you begin to create a concrete belief.  Belief is what will define your success.  Your level of success is in direct correlation to your level of belief.  Does that make sense?  Keep the tank full.  Ok…let’s move on to #3.

Don’t rely on your dot.

What is your dot?  This is your Dot.  Right here that is your Sphere of Influence.  People think that their sphere of influence is bigger than it really is.  Its funny.  I hear it all the time.  “I just know so many people that I thought that real estate would be good for me”.  If they know you too well how will that work out for you?  Think about that.  What about in grade 7 when you made fun of Susy and her braided hair.  What about in high school when you were a little intoxicated and did something stupid.  What about at your last job when you were gossiping with your buddy about another person.  Everybody has a past.  Most of us have done things that we are not proud of.  All of your past stuff will kick you in the butt.  If you were totally perfect in your past, which is not the case for most people, then maybe this can work out very well for you.  But its still a dot.  Got a big family?  Sure, family members can be good for business.  But normally they “want a deal” right.  And in truth, they only germinate deals once in a while.  Your Sphere of Influence – or your dot, can help for a little while, and possibly, can be responsible for a few deals a year, but that is not going to support your business.  You need to create a pipeline of leads constantly entering into your atmosphere.  Your little dot needs to expand its influence and effect other dots.  Does that make sense?  These other dots are very, very, very, important to your success.  They each have their own gravitational pull.  And they direct people to you.  This is where business gets fun.  But, this is the mistake that a lot of people make.  They think that they need to make their dot bigger and bigger.  They spend a bunch of money trying to get this dot to be bigger and they try to make themselves so important by throwing marketing dollars to increase their presence, and they end of up sacrificing all of these other dots around them that could do a much better job of marketing for them.  Focus on the dots man.  Focus on the dots.  But you have to get outside of your own sense of importance and serve others well.  Then they will help you build your business.  This is where #4 comes in…

Obey the 2 Laws. 

These are laws.  They are not theories.  They are not neat little ideas.  They are not meant for a Pinterest Quote or good words for a Business Philosophy wall picture….they are laws.  The law of gravity is a law.  If you jump off the roof of your house you will fall downwards and it will hurt most likely.  Its non-negotiable.  Right?  So are these.

#1 -The Law of Sewing and Reaping.  AND #2 The Law of Reciprocity.

People who understand the power of these laws are successful.  Full stop.  Period.  Both of these laws boil down to one concept.  “You gotta give before you get….Yep”  “Simply as that”.  Everyone has a “What’s in it for me” kind of attitude.  Everyone is looking for some sort of value.  Everyone wants to see what they can get away with.  Trying to figure out the minimum amount of effort to get the maximum result.  Not you.  Let everyone else operate that way.  Let them.  That creates more opportunities for you.  You want more and more dots right?  Create raving fans.  Let others do the marketing for you.  They will.  This is the secret to building a great business.  The law of sewing and reaping gives me a sense of calm.  You know why?  Because it is something that I can control.  I can plant seeds.  I can plant ideas.  I can plant goodwill with people.  I can create opportunities.  Those things are in my control.  What is out of my control?  Who gets elected President.  The weather.  The natural disasters that happen.  Viruses sweeping the world and putting everything on pause for a bit.  I can’t control bank interest rates.  I can’t control when someone wants to retire and buy into another area.  I can’t control government policy.  I can’t control when a first time buyer has saved enough money to buy a home yet or when that person will get married or have children.  I can’t control any of those things but all of those things influence our industry – right?  But I can plant seeds of positivity.  I can give people information.  I can help them prepare for when the time is right.  I can give them good information for them to rely upon in order to make a great plan for their lives and their family.  I can be a trusted resource for them.  I can inspire them to want to send business my way.  Can’t I?  Yes.  Yes…I can.  That is in my control.  The law of Reciprocity is another one.  I can help others in their businesses, or help others by referring people to them to help them out and then suddenly one day that person may refer someone to me.  I do a good job and then I have inadvertently inspired them to send business my way again.  I can control that.  If I think outside of myself and think about how I can be a benefit to others with no conditions or expectation….its a funny thing.  Business suddenly comes to me from the strangest places and at the most unexpected times.  Ok so let’s recap.

  • Full Throttle – keep the pedal to the metal and get your business to lift off.
  • Keep the Tank Full. Be a student of the business and the industry and in a constant mode of self improvement. 
  • Don’t rely on your Dot. It’s a hard truth.  But you are going to have to meet other people and you will enrich your life with new friends who enter into your life that you would never have met before.  Its awesome. 
  • Obey the 2 Laws – The Law of Sewing and Reaping and the Law of Reciprocity.

Ok that’s it for today.  Thank you for watching.  Please take a moment and subscribe – hit the bell to be alerted when I load more videos and feel free to comment.  If you know others that could benefit from this video please share it.  Thank you so much and I hope you make a great day!  OH and if you want to learn more about how we help Real Estate professionals blow up their businesses….go to and click on the FREE training.  The link is below.  Bye bye for now.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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