Success quotes for new real estate agents. This quote is from Walter Payton - 4X Formula
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Success Quotes
4XF 59: Success Quotes Episode 3
Success quotes for new real estate agents. This quote is from Walter Payton - 4X Formula

Success Quotes Episode 3

Today we are going to talk about a quote from Walter Payton. Here it is: “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you”.

Hey Everybody..thank you for joining me on this amazing day of opportunity.  IT is.  No matter what day you are watching this.

No matter what time of day you are watching this…it is a day of opportunity.  Today we are going to talk about a quote from Walter Payton.

Here it is:

“When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone.  When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you”.

For those of you who don’t know who Walter Payton is, well, he was a great NFL football player.  He was a fantastic running back.  But it didn’t seem like he should be a great running back.  He had this strange running style. But he kind of made it work for him.  He was only 5’10 which is below average.  But in spite of those perceived set backs, he didn’t just become a good running back in the NFL…he far exceeded that.  He was great!  Truly Great.  Just 2 years after being drafted as a rookie in 1975, he set a bunch of records in 1977 with the Chicago Bears.  Most Valuable Player – NFL Offensive Player of the Year – NFL Rushing Yards Leader – NFL Rushing Touchdowns Leader.  I think its safe to proclaim Walter Payton, as a Great Football Player.  But he was also a Great Man.  In addition to that, he also won the award that is now the most coveted and that is the NFL MAN of the YEAR.  Which since his death in 1999, is now called “The Walter Payton Man of the Year”.  He was not only a great athlete but he was a great man.  He gave back to his community and he gave back to the Sport in many ways.

When you are good at something, you’ll tell everyone…When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.  They will tell you.  AND I would add, that they will tell the world around them too.  Who are THEY?  In the context for this video, I am going to refer to THEY as the people that we serve.  So, no matter what you do for a living, there is someone that you serve.  Right?  This applies to all aspects of success.  What do they say about you?  What do they say about you during the process of serving them? What do they say about you after the transaction is finalized?  What do they say about you 2 years after that?  When they are talking to other people about you, if they even think about you, what are they saying?  Do they even remember you?  Do create a memorable experience for them?  These are the questions that need to be in the forefront of your mind.  Or did you just “do your job”.  The minimum standard.  How did you start the relationship?  What is your marketing message?  The first initial instinctive thing that we do is start selling.  We feel that our marketing is supposed to convince someone else of our value.  Of our Greatness.  Are we that insecure?  Ya..I think so.  Why do all sales industries give out awards of Recognition?  What do most Real Estate brochures talk about?  Is it 2 pages dedicated to your amazing accomplishments?  I see that on a lot of the Billboards that I see in my area.  Take a look at the headlines or tag lines of most real estate agents out there right now.  They think that is marketing.  I see that a lot of business people and sales agents believe that bragging about their accomplishments is marketing.  SO that is one tactic.  It does work.  But who does it attract?  The challenge with that type of marketing is that you now, have to live up, to your own hype.  It accidentally, builds an unrealistic expectation in the minds of the prospect.  They are contacting you from that type of marketing with an expectation that you are a superhero at what you do.  IT actually works against you. One of the biggest reasons that the prospect is contacting you, is, they want to believe that you can do something that most others can’t.  So then, they will build a belief system that centers around extraordinary Results.

Now that is ok if you do extraordinary things to produce results and you really can pull it off every single time.  But I would argue that most of the time it is people who want unrealistic results.  To over-list their home or think that, they need the “Greatest SalesPerson” to be so good that they will actually fool Buyers, who are the most educated that they have ever been, into over-paying for their home or product.  Do you see how that can actually work against you?  When you are not able to “pull it off” then you become a liar.  You have actually spent a bunch of money creating a “negative marketing campaign for yourself.  The world has changed.  Focus on giving them an Extraordinary Experience instead.  Our prospective Clients and Customers are listening to other things now.  They don’t listen anymore to the -I’m #1.  “We put customers First” – “Honest Service with Integrity” – “#1 Agent in YourTown USA!”  “Results and Reliablity”  These kinds of statements are so over-used.  It is white noise.  Easy to ignore.

And they are the marketing equivalent of a Taxi Company promising to drive people somewhere, if you get in the back seat and agree to pay them.  Its expected.  The minimum expectation.  It is the minimum service required for the compensation agreed.  It’s the reason that UBER and LIFT are kicking butt on the taxi business right now.  It’s the reason the Netflix has annihilated the Video industry.  We need to be more…do more…promise more…and provide more.  Now more than ever, we need to think about how our industries are going to change.

What is the new normal going to be? When you order a drink at Starbucks they ask your name.  Write it on the cup.  There is no such thing as ordering a cup of coffee now.  I don’t need to get into the variations of the 1000 different ways that you can order a drink at Starbucks to create YOUR drink that you want YOUR way, but, when they spell your name wrong-what happens.  We are actually offended!  The mere fact that they asked your name and allow you to provide explicit instructions on how to design and prepare your drink, is ridiculous actually.  They figured out how to create systems for that to provide that WOW, and personal, type of service for their customers.  How much do we listen to the people that we serve?  How much do we listen to them?  Do we know exactly what they need?  Do we work towards creating systems in order to provide that in a high-quality way?  Do we focus on being great?  Not to be great so that we can brag about being great BUT being great at serving people in a great way.

Business People or Sales Organizations, or Sales People, will make a decision to spend money on marketing efforts. They will spend a bunch of money on bus bench ads, expensive bill board ads, TV commercials, and Radio commercials and spend money buying leads.  I would argue, that, the place that they need to spend money on is paying for staff or specialist types of people that do things very well; buying equipment; investing in the technology; and enlisting professionals that do a great job to WOW their clients and customers.  Once they have experienced their WOW, those customers and clients will do the marketing for them for FREE and their message is the most believable, and produces the highest results for you! Great Service.  Customer Service.  Great Results.  Is defined by the Served.  Not the Provider of the Service.  They -The people we serve – define what great is, to them.  Two different customers may have a totally different view on what part of the sales process or the service was considered great to them.  Its not for any of us to shout from the rooftops. But if THEY shout it from the rooftops, then it means something.  People listen.

I touched on this in another video called “4 Tips to become the Best Salesperson” I teach about a concept called  – “Don’t rely on your dot!”.  Check that out to learn more tips on the sales process and how to move people along Their path to their version of success.  The one thing that is most important to them.  Ok, that’s it for today.

Thank you for joining me today on “Success Quotes with Kelly”.  If you want to learn more about how we help Real Estate Agents build amazing businesses that feed themselves using a proven Formula, then go to 4X to learn more.  If you are enjoying these videos please give me some feedback in the comments below and if you haven’t done so, already, please take a second to hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the bell to be alerted when we post another video.  We are posting a minimum of 1 per week but lately more often than that.

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