12 month neighborhood farming plan

A tool to plan your year.

Neighborhood farming will make sure people hear from you all year round with this 12 Month Planner.

There are many benefits to partaking in the strategy of neighborhood farming in real estate. Our guide gives you the perfect template to conduct neighborhood farming activities over a 12-month period. Here are a few reasons why you should focus your efforts on neighborhood farming across a 12-month period:

  • You target efforts to one geographic area and build strong brand awareness for yourself
  • This activity allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your target audience in the geographic area that you focus on
  • By targeting one area, you can ensure your marketing materials and message are very specific
  • You will eventually build a reputation as an agent who understands their niche
  • By targeting a 12-month period, you will build familiarity within the target geographic area across a whole year and during different times when people may be looking to sell their home
  • You can partner with local businesses and dive right into the community

There are a variety of reasons why you should be planning a neighborhood farming strategy over the course of a year. Our guide will help you through this process and ensure you’re thinking of all the ways you could be reaching potential buyers in your chosen community.