Expired Listings Scripts

Letters and Phone Scripts

Here are a few conversation tips to get those Expired Listings!

Expired listing scripts will help you with a number of items when it comes to using expired listings to generate more leads for your real estate business. It will help you:

  • Qualify the home and seller to see if it fits your criteria
  • Provide contact points with the potential client
  • Set mini-goals and ideas for expired listings that meet your criteria
Why Expired Listings?

Expired listings are an important part of any real estate agent’s day-to-day activities. There are a variety of reasons why real estate agents around the world favour using expired listing scripts in order to generate new potential business. These are:

  • Prospecting for leads through expired listings has some of the highest conversion rates in the industry, with some reports showing a 25:1 ratio. This means for every 25 expired listings contacted, on average 1 appointment could be generated
  • Furthermore, expired listing prospecting is a low-cost and low-overhead method for generating leads. So the use of successful expired listing scripts is crucial to this activity
  • Finally, leads generated from expired listings take less time on average to convert. This is because representing sellers is less time-consuming than focusing on buyers and buyer consultations, thus enabling agents to close more deals per year