FSBO Scripts

Letters and Phone Scripts

FSBO Scripts Can Help You Get The Conversation Started

In our FSBO scripts, you’ll find a few conversation tips to get those FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Listings! These scripts will help you in a few ways including:

  • Quantifying if the seller and home fit your criteria
  • Generating key contact points with the seller
  • Setting mini-goals that meet your criteria
  • Finding where for sale by owners exist

FSBO scripts offer a significant selling opportunity for the agent

FSBOs are the closest things you can get to individuals asking you to sell to them. They also provide a great opportunity to reach an individual who is obviously looking to sell their home soon. With these scripts, you’ll learn how to comfortably sell to FSBO leads and:

  • Keep it simple. Scripts don’t need to be complicated in order to work
  • Earn trust. Trust is a currency in real estate, build it!
  • Reach your goal. Be intentional with your actions