Open House Checklist

How to prepare for an Open House

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Open House Checklist Now

By using an open house checklist, an agent is more organized, professional, and operates with intention. This is where these specific facets become known and it’s why we suggest downloading this open house checklist.

There are a variety of items you can focus on when setting up a house for an inspection. Our open house checklist ensures that you will have everything in order. The checklist contains:

  • Brochure holders
  • Business card holders
  • Extra pens
  • Sign-in forms
  • Personal brochures
  • Branded giveaway merchandise
  • Listing presentation in paper copy
  • Candle
  • Speaker

The Open House Checklist Factors

This guide also features information about four crucial factors that will help prepare you for all interactions and set the stage for success!

  • Ambiance – creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all
  • Display items – make the display look nice and organized
  • “Email-able” info – This is information that you may have in the open house as a hard copy
  • Take Away’s – how to leave prospective buyers with a great final impression