PRE-Listing Interview

How to be ready for an appointment.

Have you struggled with pre-listing interviews in the past?

This is the secret to having a great meeting and winning the business.

This pre-listing interview guide will ensure you are extremely organized for your next listing appointment. It’s complete with guides to help you:

  • Document the origination of the lead
  • Follow up sequence for the appointment & lead
  • Note the features and details of the house
  • Conduct a quality score of the house on a 1 to 10 scale
  • Manage the appointment and expectations of the client

This is an important stage in the sales cycle because the pre-listing interview comes before everything. It’s also a stage of the process that a lot of real estate agents skip out on to try and save time. This is a big mistake for such an important step.

The pre-listing interview offers you a crucial chance to derive as much information as possible in a short time frame before you actually preview the seller’s home. With all of this extra information, you will know exactly what to expect when you walk through the door to view the home for the first time and you’ll be better placed to sell it.