5 Critical Real Estate Scripts

5 Critical Scripts for getting Listings

4Xer’s Best Real Estate Scripts & Tools | Free Download

After learning the information in ATTRACT then utilizing these real estate scripts will help you maximize the results that you are looking for.

Using real estate scripts can be a powerful way to 4X your income as a real estate agent. There are a variety of reasons as to why you should be using scripts but the main one is that they help you to become more prepared for the many different scenarios that might pop up during a sales cycle.

From expired listings to FSBO’s, these scripts are designed to help new real estate agents get the confidence they need to start selling more. In this free download, you’ll receive the following:

  • Expired Listings Script: expired listings offer an amazing opportunity to drum up new business where others might not be looking. With our proven script, you can ensure you will be converting more expired listings in concrete leads
  • For Sale By Owner Script: FSBOs are the perfect leads because generally, they mean the lead wants to sell and they want to do it NOW! All that’s left to do, is to put your best foot forward and convince the lead that you are the right person to sell their home for them
  • Neighborhood Farming Script: As an important part of marketing your real estate services, neighborhood farming can help you generate new business in a specific area, market or geography
  • Master of the Open House Script: Nail your open house showing with this comprehensive script that will ensure you tick all the boxes on open day
  • The Pre-Listing Interview Script: Gather as much information about the house you’ll be selling in a short amount of time so that you know exactly what to expect when you view the listing in person

These free resources will serve you well during your real estate career and help you to become more organized and better at closing deals. Find out why all of the most successful real estate agents rely on scripts to help them achieve their goals and close more sales.

Get the resources today by downloading these real estate scripts now.

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