Tips for getting your house ready to sell

This is a “leave behind” document

After some tips for getting your house ready to sell?

There are a number of tips you can follow to get your house ready to sell. Getting your clients to follow them is an important part of the sales journey for you and the seller. In this guide, you’ll hear about some industry best-practices that you can employ to increase the appeal of the listed property.

This guide is a professional brochure that you can leave with your listing clients to ensure a better chance of success. We recommend doing this for a number of reasons including:

  • Buyers can be extremely picky – when you think about it, it’s the largest purchase in someone’s life so the standards are very high (as they should be!)
  • It’s inexpensive to action our suggestions – For a seller, inexpensive and easy fixes make a world of difference during a very stressful time
  • These changes are controllable – Don’t let these small controllable changes impact the potential sale of a home
  • Buyers are curious – Nowhere is off-limits to curious buyers, so it pays to be prepared for someone opening that junk draw in the kitchen

There are a tonne of other suggestions for getting your house ready to sell

To find out more tried and tested tactics, download the guide and be sure to maximize the sales price of your home!